Written Public Submissions

In November 2014, the Panel made a call for written (by mail, email or website form) submissions from the public and informed interest groups to provide information relating to its investigation into the breach of the TSF at the Mount Polley Mine on August 4, 2014.

The Panel welcomed 24 submissions from various individuals and organizations. These included submissions from individuals, industry, education groups and professional organizations. Submissions were carefully reviewed and considered, and were found valuable, by the Panel in drafting this report.

The Written Public Submissions list below contains selected submissions made by the public to the Panel during the investigation. The submissions contained in the list are only those that the Panel received consent and permission by the author of the submission to make the information public. Some authors did not provide consent and permission to make their submission public.

Note: Certain large files linked below may take up to several minutes to download.

Submission IDsort descending Title
SUB00001 Anonymous - Redacted (104.61 KB)
SUB00002 Horsefly District Board of Trade (41.42 KB)
SUB00005 Professional Employees Association (7.14 MB)
SUB00006 BC Tap Water Alliance - CrimeScene (62.83 MB)
SUB00007 BC Tap Water Alliance (149.13 KB)
SUB00008 METZCOMM Services, LLC (17.26 KB)
SUB00010 MABC (236.31 KB)
SUB00012 ASTTBC (48.67 KB)
SUB00013 Mining Watch Canada (814.93 KB)
SUB00014 CIM (266.31 KB)
SUB00015 CDA (204.39 KB)
SUB00017 Anonymous - Redacted (543.87 KB)
SUB00018 Environmental Law Centre - University of Victoria (1.03 MB)
SUB00019 Association of Mineral Exploration of BC (95.32 KB)
SUB00020 Alberta Chamber of Resources (43.16 KB)
SUB00021 Anonymous - Redacted (159.13 KB)