Klohn Crippen Berger

The Klohn Crippen Berger (KCB) folder includes a geotechnical site investigation report along with other reports and lab test results from their field investigation of the breach area received by the Panel prior to December 31, 2014.

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14-02091_RS16c.COR (16.35 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS07.COR (25.69 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS16B-BSC.XLS (99 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS21-BSC.XLS (192.5 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS01.COR (26.59 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS14.COR (25.33 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS13-BSC.XLS (174 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS02-BSC.XLS (128.5 KB) CPT Data
CPT-File Formats_Rev02_2014-10-03.pdf (93.07 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS06.COR (36.56 KB) CPT Data
14-02019_RS03-VsResults.pdf (187.97 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS05-VsResults.pdf (184.41 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS08-VsResults.pdf (185.41 KB) PDF
14-02019_RS07-VsResults.pdf (186.46 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS16b-VsResults.pdf (183.91 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS17-VsResults.pdf (186.96 KB) PDF
14-02019_RS06-VsResults.pdf (188.48 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS16c-VsResults.pdf (184.9 KB) PDF
14-02019_RS01-VsResults.pdf (185.42 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS13-VsResults.pdf (187.98 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS18-VsResults.pdf (185.93 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS14-VsResults.pdf (188.51 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS02-VsResults.pdf (184.42 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS22-VsResults.pdf (189.57 KB) PDF
14-02091 Electronic VST Summary.pdf (185.17 KB) PDF