Independent Panel

Documents in the Independent Panel folder include technical information from Thurber Engineering Ltd. as requested by the Panel, records of Panel meetings, presentations by Panel members and survey information.

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14-02091_RS01-STD-Elevation.PDF (243.07 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS01-STD.PDF (246.79 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS01-Vs-Elevation.PDF (229.71 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS01-Vs.PDF (230.61 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS01.COR (26.59 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS02-Adv-Elevation.PDF (358.02 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS02-Adv.PDF (247.2 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS02-BSC.XLS (128.5 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS02-NLI.XLS (81 KB) CPT Interpretations
14-02091_RS02-PPD.pdf (218.34 KB) CPT PPD Plots
14-02091_RS02-PPD.xls (270 KB) CPT PPD Data
14-02091_RS02-Resistivity-Elevation.PDF (252.44 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS02-Resistivity.PDF (254.31 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS02-STD-Elevation.PDF (250.26 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS02-STD.PDF (254.54 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS02-Vs-Elevation.PDF (235.79 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS02-Vs.PDF (237.19 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS02-VsResults.pdf (184.42 KB) PDF
14-02091_RS02-VsResults.xlsx (49.45 KB) CPT Seismic Data
14-02091_RS02.COR (30.05 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS03-Adv-Elevation.PDF (423.14 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS03-Adv.PDF (280.68 KB) CPT Plots
14-02091_RS03-BSC.XLS (157 KB) CPT Data
14-02091_RS03-NLI.XLS (96.5 KB) CPT Interpretations
14-02091_RS03-PPD.pdf (256.83 KB) CPT PPD Plots