Background Information

The Panel considers the supporting information and substantiating documentation to be an integral part of its report that is necessary for a proper understanding of its findings.

There are multiple parties involved in various investigations of Mount Polley Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) failure. The Panel must ensure that the conduct of the inquiry does not in any way impede or conflict with any other ongoing investigation or proceeding related to this matter. Specifically, the Panel’s review must not in any way impede investigations conducted by Mines Inspectors, Conservations Officers or other regulatory agencies and any related proceedings. Further, all disclosures of the Panel must be compliant with the privacy protection provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

The B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines and Ministry of Environment, Conservation Officer Services, have directed the Panel to withhold some of the documents, and redact portions of other documents, so that the Panel’s inquiry does not compromise any other investigations and to ensure it is in compliance with the privacy protection provisions of FIPPA (see Appendix A). The redaction of personal information was completed by Shared Services BC. As a result, these documents, which may have been cited in this report, are not available at this time. See Appendix B for more information on the provision of Supporting Information.

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AMEC00250 Main Recommendations (26.8 KB) Binder
AMEC00251 Monthly Composite Final Tailing Size Distribution (71.2 KB) Binder- Pdf Of Spreadsheet
AMEC00258 Index Vol 2 of 2 (38.93 KB) Binder- Index Vol 2 Of 2
AMEC00263 Appendices to Stage 9 2013 As-Built and Annual Review Report (1.87 MB) Binder - Appendices
AMEC00265 MPM TSF Stage 9 2013 Construction Monitoring Manual Clarification (Zone S Compaction Specifications) (37.81 KB) Binder- Memo Jun 06, 2013
AMEC00274 Construction Daily Report (317.65 KB) Daily Report Jul 12, 2011
AMEC00290 Back to design at corner 4 (411.43 KB) Sketch Jul 27, 2012
AMEC00305 Top of Casing Sketch (287.26 KB) Sketch
KP00008 Outstanding Invoice NO. 12351 (91.78 KB) Letter/invoice Mar 31, 2006
MP00091 Mt. Polley File Number: 14745-40-MTPO/01 (21.53 KB) Email Dec 24, 1996
MP00147 Mount Polley permit amendment - Tailings Storage Facility (draft attached) (54.15 KB) Email Jul 26, 2006
MP00237 Mt Polley/Haul Road and PAG Dump Amendment (175.31 KB) Email May 30, 2013
MP00205 Mount Polley Mine - Water Management Plan (60.26 KB) Email Jul 18, 2014
MP00184 Mount Polley Mine Tailings Storage Facility Stage 9 2013 As-Built and Annual Review Report (148.8 KB) Email Mar 31, 2014
MP00137 Permit Review - TSF (22.08 KB) Email Apr 07, 2005
MP00148 Mt. Polley Permit Conditions for TSF Stage 5 construction (51.83 KB) Email Jul 26, 2006
MP00238 Request: OMS (132.74 KB) Email Jul 29, 2013
MP00185 2013 Construction Monitoring Manual + 2012 As-Built + 2012 Annual Review (184.12 KB) Email Apr 23, 2013
MP00138 Mount Polley - Permit for TSF dam raise (45.79 KB) Email Apr 18, 2005
MP00239 Mount Polley Mine Tailings Storage Facility Stage 9 2013 As-Built and Annual Review Report (116.63 KB) Email Apr 01, 2014
MP00186 M-200 Amendment Approving Tailings Storage Facility Stage 9 Construction May 2013_draft (224.34 KB) Email Jul 30, 2013
MP00197 Document has been removed Email Jun 18, 2014
MP00150 Inspection Report for August 30, 2006 Geotechnical Inspection (66.26 KB) Email Nov 06, 2006
MP00240 Mount Polley Mine Tailings Facility Stage 9 2013 As-Built and Annual Review Report (149.09 KB) Email Mar 31, 2014
MP00187 Mt. Polley - Stage 9 Dam Raise Application (147.84 KB) Email Jul 31, 2013