Background Information

The Panel considers the supporting information and substantiating documentation to be an integral part of its report that is necessary for a proper understanding of its findings.

There are multiple parties involved in various investigations of Mount Polley Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) failure. The Panel must ensure that the conduct of the inquiry does not in any way impede or conflict with any other ongoing investigation or proceeding related to this matter. Specifically, the Panel’s review must not in any way impede investigations conducted by Mines Inspectors, Conservations Officers or other regulatory agencies and any related proceedings. Further, all disclosures of the Panel must be compliant with the privacy protection provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA).

The B.C. Ministry of Energy and Mines and Ministry of Environment, Conservation Officer Services, have directed the Panel to withhold some of the documents, and redact portions of other documents, so that the Panel’s inquiry does not compromise any other investigations and to ensure it is in compliance with the privacy protection provisions of FIPPA (see Appendix A). The redaction of personal information was completed by Shared Services BC. As a result, these documents, which may have been cited in this report, are not available at this time. See Appendix B for more information on the provision of Supporting Information.

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AMEC00104 Report on Geotechnical Investigations and Design of Open Pits and Waste Dumps (925.27 KB) Report Jul 05, 1996
AMEC00001 Document has been removed Report Jul 05, 1996
MP00158 Geotechnical Inspection Report (71.45 KB) Inspection Report Jul 23, 1996
MP00065 Mt. Polley Tailings Dam (33 KB) Letter Jul 23, 1996
MP00066 Telephone call with Ken Brouwer (35.53 KB) Email Jul 23, 1996
MP00067 Geotechncial Information Obtained from 1996 Borehole Investigation (2.02 MB) Memo Jul 26, 1996
MP00220 Document has been removed Letter Jul 29, 1996
MP00219 Document has been removed Letter Jul 30, 1996
MP00068 Borehole Logs for PRW 96-1 to 4 (317.96 KB) Memo Jul 30, 1996
MP00069 Mt. Polley Tailings Dam (78.77 KB) Letter Jul 30, 1996
MP00070 Mt. Polley Tailings Dam Review (41.5 KB) Note Aug 02, 1996
MP10023 TSF Toe Drain Flow Data 07 10 2014 (155.08 KB) Data Aug 25, 1996
MP00081 MAJM Design Brief - Mt. Polley Mine (1.63 MB) Notes And Drawings Aug 26, 1996
MP00082 Mt. Polley meeting notes with Fred Matich (942.11 KB) Notes Aug 27, 1996
MP00083 Embankment Chimney Drain (162.67 KB) Fax Cover Letter And Figure 1 Design Drawings Aug 29, 1996
MP00084 Mt. Polley Tailings Embankment - Amendment to Systems Work Application (664.32 KB) Letter And Design Drawings Sep 05, 1996
MP00159 Geotechnical Inspection Report (93.96 KB) Inspection Report Sep 10, 1996
MP00085 Tailings storage facility weekly progress Report No. 9, Sept 5 to 11, 196 (4.78 MB) Report Sep 14, 1996
MP00086 Mount Polley Tailings Facility Surface Water Control During Construction (65.47 KB) Letter Oct 02, 1996
MP00160 Geotechnical Inspection Report (59.71 KB) Inspection Report Oct 31, 1996
MP00087 Mt. Polley Tailings Dam Winter Construction Standards (39.75 KB) Letter Nov 04, 1996
MP00088 Winter Construction of Tailings Embankment (119.96 KB) Letter And Table Nov 04, 1996
MP00089 Mt. Polley Construction File Number: 14745-40-MTPO/01 (19.43 KB) Email Dec 18, 1996
MP00091 Mt. Polley File Number: 14745-40-MTPO/01 (21.53 KB) Email Dec 24, 1996
MP00090 Mount Polley Tailings Facility (36.03 KB) Fax Cover Letter Jan 18, 1997